Effects of Coronavirus on Cannabis

 Is it healthy and okay to smoke cannabis during covid19 pandemic? Yes, it is okay. What many of the people do not know whether the use of cannabis poses them at the risk of contracting the disease. What you should know is that during this pandemic, you need to be healthy both mentally and physically. One thing that will provide you with both benefits is the use of weed. For the people who already have a regime of weed smoking, then they should continue with it even during this time of  disaster. The following are the reasons why you should be eligible for a medical marijuana license in the states of oklohama.

While smoking weed is beneficial, some practices can exacerbate the chances of getting the virus. Observing social distance is one of the most effective ways that you can stop the spread of the virus. Nevertheless, some of the users do not observe this distance when they are passing the joint and the pen. You should thus obserVE the heathy practices that will stop the spread of this novel virus. Cannabis users tend to come together to puff and pass the joint. Most of these practices have been barred in most of the states. It is recommended that you consume and enjoy weed at your home.


It is vital to note that most of the people who use medicinal marijuana already have a preexisting condition. When you are walking into a dispensary; it is vital to note that you may be standing to someone vulnerable to the covid19. In these places, ensure that you follow the WHO guideline. Ensure that you have a mask, keep social distance, and use a sanitizer. Here is why you need to Stay Healthy Amid Coronavirus for the peace of everyone around you.

Use of cannabis is essential in the reduction of the pain and inflammation that is associated with the flu and coronavirus. However, when you are already sick with these respiratory diseases, you consume the drug in moderation. Smoking weed has been proven to irritate your upper respiratory system slightly. This means that if you have covid19 and you smoke, the symptom of the disease are likely to worsen. Therefore moderation is key when you are using marijuana while you are sick. 

In the US, most of the dispensaries and marijuana stores remain still open. This is because they have been considered as an essential part of the health system. It is vital to note that in some states the selling of the recreational marijuana has been stopped. But still, the selling of the medicinal ones is ongoing. In some of the states, it is only delivery of marijuana that is allowed. If you are interested in purchasing the drug, ensuring that you first check  the website of the dispensary. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic.